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The Tabe Jeanne Foundation is named after my late grandmother Tabe Jeanne who left a legacy: We don't live for ourselves, but for others. Others are the community, a whole society or an entire nation. The others are people around you and far away from you.

The above ideological legacy is the source of my inspiration to serve West Africa and lead positive change for people and communities.

TABE Jeanne was a strategic and methodical woman. As a woman of action, she was truly devoted to community building and the cause of human well-being. In her lifetime, Tabe Jeanne managed to create an environment of peace where conflict or misunderstanding prevailed, enable children left behind to go to school, and unite people around the common interest. Tabe Jeanne sacrificed all her time, energy, experience, and even all her meagre financial resources to the success of others.

The Tabe Jeanne Foundation perpetuates the name, values, actions and legacy of Tabe Jeanne.

                                                         Tabe Jeanne, Forever!

                                                                                  RODRIGUE ADJASSIN

                                                                                  Founder and Chairman